What to expect:

1. I will start by taking a series of photographs of the subject to be painted and explore a range of poses, backgrounds, props, colors and so on. The portrait can be done in studio light or outdoor light. I can work in a client’s home too. Also, I can utilize any of a client’s ideas for specific poses, back- grounds and/or props that they might desire in the portrait.

2. Next, I wish to find a pose or expression that would come across as authentic, conveying something of the subject’s spirit or inner vision, and essence of their personality.

3. I will do a small color sketch in oil. Then, we will meet again for your feedback and input about which poses you like from the photographs, facial expressions, hand placement, backgrounds, props, etc. Or we can utilize a specific photograph, if that is what you want for the portrait.

4. Once I have a good idea of the pose and composition you want, I would like to have two or more sittings (two to three hours each) with the subject to paint a head and shoulders sketch under natural studio light. Also, there is a DVD player available for children and adults in my studio for use during sittings. Children may bring whatever DVD movies they like.

5. About half-way through the portrait work, I like to set up an appointment for the clients’ approval of what has been done so far, and make any changes, if if necessary.

6. Finish painting the portrait!


Please contact me via this website if you would like me to send you my portrait fee schedule with sizes and answer any other questions!

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